studio photoMUSE* art classes are devoted to encouraging respect for every student’s innate sensibility—their voice, muse, what moves them artistically. We talk about art as a conversation and I support students in beginning conversations that matter to them; I am thrilled when students make a mark or image and find it beautiful. The focus of our projects are ideas or work the students find compelling, colored by what I’m excited about. Whatever project we’re working on, I try to include drawing from life somewhere in the mix, as it teaches our hands to translate what we see and feel, rather than what we think.


There are no classes currently scheduled for fall and winter 2018-2019.


Classes are held at my home-studio in central Boulder CO. For more information and to enroll, contact me via email

*Muse/ noun/: 1. any of 9 sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song, poetry, the arts & sciences, 2: a source of inspiration; especially: a guiding genius

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