Anstis Lundy

The homepage quote is from a letter Anstis Lundy wrote me many years ago. She was an artist and a dear friend of my mother’s, living down the road from our house. As a child, I gravitated to her—soaking up her warmth, humor and artistic sensibility—and she would often let me sit at her table and draw. My sense of myself as an artist was born in her presence, from the inspiration of her life and work, and the encouragement she poured into me. Today, as I prepare for my MUSE classes, I have her letter tucked into the front cover of my notebook. In her elegant handwriting, she reminds me,You must fill your heart, soul and mind with awareness … I truly believe that you are as good—and visa versa—as your art is, and I don’t mean the word “good” as nice, pleasant, or anything like that, but “quality”, “interest”, “guts”, “passion”, “joy”, those kinds of words. The translation into a work of art is putting that awareness into your fingertips.”

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